Working with different kinds of people and mindsets is always fun, because you get to learn and explore things together. But do you always get the chance to work together until you retire? Mostly not. There’s always a time when your colleague will decide to quit the job or leave the department. Parting is a phase of life, and so is a parting gift, especially when your co-worker is leaving. Working with someone for so long normally makes you want to get a going-away gift for them, to make them feel appreciated.

When you work with someone, it’s natural to go through the ups and downs of your work life together. Being companions through frustration and grief, your co-worker becomes an important part of your life. No matter how much you communicate with each other, somehow your fellow worker is the only friend you will have at work.

To commemorate all those happy times you’ve spent with your colleague, to express your sincere gratitude towards them, and to cherish these shared experiences of your work life, these gifts will prove to be an amazing way to convey your feelings when you run out of words. Whether it’s recalling the time your boss took you to task, or losing a customer just because you lost your temper, all these memories somehow keep you together even after parting ways. Your colleague may leave for a number of reasons, but there will be something that reminds them of you every time they will look at it, and that’s a great gift.

Gifts are important because they are stored in the treasure trove of memories. The Cuddl gifts for colleagues can make them either laugh like crazy or melt into a puddle of tears. The type of gift is decided on the basis of the relationship that you share with your co-worker. If you and your colleague have shared a formal relationship at work, a practical gift would be a good choice so that (s)he can make the best use out of it. But if sharing jokes and playing pranks together was the basis of your relationship at work, your co-worker would appreciate some funny gifts from you.

Here is an amazing list of ideas that will help you decide a perfect parting gift for your compatriot and will ensure that he remembers you forever:

  1. Surprise them with this wonderful meditation box:

The work schedule is mostly hectic for all employees. Consistent motivation is what keeps them going. In this case, the most amazing parting gifts are the ones that bring peace, relaxation, and inspiration. Even if your co-worker leaves, the hectic environment doesn’t leave his/her back. Thus, something peaceful and relaxing can help him get through their hectic life and create a balance.  A meditation box will prove to be useful for daily inspiration. This wonderful and gorgeous box will provide him/her with everything that he will need to stay relaxed.

  1. Making work-outs classier:

If your co-worker is a real work-out freak, you can get an elegant water bottle for him/her. The ultimate Soma 17 water bottle is an amazing choice, as its antique and stylish design will make the work-out classier. The wonderful cap design and colour will add some charm as well. This water bottle is affordable and durable, so that your co-worker can use it for a long time; If he prefers durability and quality over everything.

  1. Add delight to flying with the cocktail kit:

Does your co-worker travel by flight often? If yes, then a cocktail kit is an amazing gift. To taste something far better than the airplane’s standard alcohol would feel like flying through heaven. This cocktail kit has all the key items that you will need to turn an ordinary drink into a pleasant cocktail. So why wait for anything else when you can make flying more delightful?

  1. Ever on- phone is the new cool:

The phone has become an integral part of our lives. One of the coolest things you can ever come across in this high-tech society is a working smartphone. When your phone dies, it feels as if your whole world has fallen apart. Getting a solar charger for your co-worker may make him/her appreciate you even more. Most solar chargers are highly efficient, waterproof, and shockproof. If your co-worker is addicted to his phone, nothing can be better than this charger. So, what are you waiting for? Make living easy for your “addicted-to-phone” co-worker.

  1. Sugar-coat their lives with yummy customized sweets:

Choosing a parting gift for your co-worker is important, and difficult, at the same time. In case you don’t know your co-worker well; customized sweets can be a wonderful present. Since sweets can never disappoint the receiver, adding different flavours and variety will make them want more. Getting a Bento box and arranging these sweets will be nothing less than eye-candy.

  1. Let the 3- D world shout out loud:

If your co-worker has a knack for 3-D work, nothing can go wrong while choosing a gift for him.  Making his world lively is the best you can do,  the amazing 3-D pen will add wonders to his life. This 3-D pen is actually a hand-held 3-D printer, that allows you to make amazing artworks that can profit the business and lets all of your dormant creativity flow.  So bring it on!

  1. Make mornings, as sweet as, coffee and donuts:

If your co-worker is a coffee and donut lover, nothing can be as good as a donut warming coffee mug. With its amazing design, this coffee mug allows enough heat to pass through the donut that rests on the lid. In this way, your donut will stay warm and crispy as your coffee gets ready to drink. Your caffeinated co-worker won’t stop appreciating you after receiving this wonderful gift. Grab it and surprise them now.


Seeing your co-worker leave can be a bitter experience especially when you’ve established a strong relationship with him/her. But at the same time, receiving a nice parting gift from your colleague can add much more to his/her cart of memories. Just one gift can change a lot of things. So, be wise and decide how you’re going to be a part of someone’s memories.