Everyone can lose some hair at some point in their life. There are a lot of causes of hair loss that can be either unstoppable or preventable. But, no matter the cause of your hair loss, the good news is that Capillus laser technology is available to give you a solution to your problem. Below are some of the common causes of hair loss.


This condition refers to the habit of pulling or plucking hair from the head and other parts of the body. This is considered as an obsessive-compulsive behavior and the pulling of hair can happen when the person is in a stressful scenario or when he is nervous. In serious cases, this condition can result in bald patches. But, once this habit stops, the hair will usually grow back.

Tight Hair Styles

Styling the hair in a tight way like braids or a high ponytail can result in hair loss. This condition is called traction alopecia where the hair starts to shed because it is put under extreme tension from the hairstyle.

Insufficient Vitamins

To maintain a healthy and growing hair, it is important to maintain a balanced diet. The right nutrients are capable of promoting hair growth. A deficiency in proteins and vitamin B are associated with hair loss. This problem can be solved by re-assessing your diet and making sure you get the right nutrients or take vitamin supplements.


Stress can be physical or psychological. You are physically stressed when you are undergoing a surgery and psychologically stressed when you experience a major trauma. Either types of stress can cause hair loss. It can send the body into a state of shock that can cause a hormonal imbalance. When this happens, telogen effluvium can take place, triggering the hair follicles into the resting stage. Because of this, the hair will stop growing and start to fall out. You will have to reduce your stress level or avoid a stress-free life to deal with your stressed-induced hair loss.

Male Pattern Baldness

This condition is the leading cause of hair loss in men. Over time, the hair follicles start to change and shrink, causing hair thinning. There will be an increase in the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone that can destroy the hair follicles. This makes it impossible for the hair to grow.

Hair loss conditions can be temporary and hair may start to grow back without treatment after some time. But, other conditions can be treated with hair loss medicines, surgeries, or laser treatments.