Using custom logo stickers is an excellent way to promote your brand and get your company message across. You can give away stickers as an extra gift for purchases or share them with your current customers at your events. But, there are other ways to use stickers and integrate them into your daily marketing efforts. To get the most out of your custom logo stickers, make sure you know the various kinds of stickers you can choose from. High-quality stickers are printed in full color in CMYK inks. Your designs can be printed with a color or as many colors as your design requires.

Kinds of Stickers

Below are the different kinds of stickers you can consider:

  • Die Cut Stickers. You can use these stickers for your promotional campaigns. You can get them in a matte or glossy lamination. Glossy die cut stickers are an all-time favorite. Matte die cut stickers come with a low-glare, satin-like finish. These stickers can be finished without visible backing as well as a peel and crack feature to easily stick and peel them.
  • Kiss Cut Stickers. This type of stickers is finished individually with a small square of noticeable backing that surrounds them.  Kiss cut stickers are also perfect for highlighting your brand. These durable outdoor stickers have permanent adhesives. Also, they can be finished on a roll to add your logo to products or label your products that should withstand the elements.

  • Silkscreen stickers. These durable stickers are perfect for outdoor settings. They are printed on vinyl that has ultraviolet resistant inks. Printing them includes the use of a conventional spot color method with up to four spot colors. Applying spot colors are done one layer at a time.
  • Clear stickers. These stickers are printed on clear materials to allow you to see your designs and logo on the sticker. They can be printed with a layer of white ink behind the design to improve opacity. These are window stickers that can be printed with a back or front face adhesive to give you the option to use them on the inside or outside of a window.

Creating Custom Logo Sticker Designs

Custom stickers help you make your company logo visible to the eyes of consumers. You can creatively make your own design to ensure it matches the need of your business and your preference. With stickers, you can easily design individual or multiple sticker versions which represent your business. For multiple designs or versions, check out

Picking the Right Sticker Shape and Size

Your choice will depend on how you or your target audience will use the stickers. Stickers that will be used on bumpers will have to be visible enough to turn your message into a running billboard. Create big stickers to make an impression. If you are looking to have stickers that users will stick on the back of their computers or on small items, you need small stickers which fit comfortably on the items. Also, your stickers’ shape is a vital design element to take into account.