Perfumery is the art of making perfumes. The ‘word’ Perfume literally translates to ‘to smoke through’ in Latin, and the art was further refined by the Egyptians and Persians. Of course, knowing the history of perfumery won’t help you in buying the right fragrance. It is important to understand the options in the market and how other aspects influence choices. In this post, we will guide you on what it takes to buy the right perfume.

The real perfume

Perfume itself is a category, with a bunch of options that are categorized based on the strength of the fragrance or the concentration of essences. On the top of the list is Parfum. Also known as ‘extrait de parfum’ or simply perfume, this category has the highest concentration of fragrance, often between 20% to 30%. This is also why luxury parfum production is a specific niche and so expensive. Some of the high-end collections can fragrance concentration of about 40%, which is also the reason why parfums are actually used on pulse spots and not like a spray. Perfumes are strong and the scent can actually linger on for eight hours or even more.

 The other categories

Next to perfume is Eau de Parfum, which contains about 20% fragrance concentration, making it expensive than those body mists and other categories. Expectedly, Eau de Parfum is still better of the lot and is considered to be ideal for people with sensitive skin. The third on the list is Eau de Toilette, which has fragrance concentration of not more than 15%. The scent can last for about two to four hours. Also called EDTs, there are a bunch of varied options out there, depending on your budget. Eau de Cologne contains further lower concentrations of fragrance, not more than 4%. Since more perfume must be used to get the right effect, Eau de Cologne bottles are usually bigger in size. The last on the list is Eau Fraiche, which contains mostly water and around 3% of fragrance.

Brand and more

The source of the perfume, the brand behind it, and the uniqueness of the scent are some of the other aspects that really influence the price. There’s a reason why people don’t mind shelling a tad more for their favorite perfumes. Before you buy a perfume, find more about its history or what makes it so popular in the class, and don’t forget to experiment.