Let’s agree that most of us are inspired, drawn and often amazed by hippie fashion. The lifestyle and fashion of hippies are followed around the world, and in many ways, it’s not surprising that ab store sells everything related to modern hippie clothes in Des Moines Iowa. Yes, we are talking about Groovy Goods – a store that promises to offer all you need to style in the counterculture way. Their hippie collection is anything but ordinary, and the staff here takes all the pleasure in making customers feel welcomed. No matter what you like, you are not judged and have all the help that’s required to pick something of your choice.

What can you buy?

Groovy Goods has a bunch of stuff, but most amazing of all is the range of clothing and apparel they sell, which includes something for every member of the family. The store collects its products from different parts of the globe, and we enjoyed the experience because of the staff members, who were open to listening to customers. They also stock a bunch of hemp oil and related products for those who are interested, and there are some amazing scents and incenses to choose from. Right from the Nag Champa to jasmine, lemongrass and citronella, the scents are worth paying all the money asked and more. Groovy Goods also sells décor products for the home, but what’s worth mentioning is their range of posters, with something for every interest – think of Bob Marley or even The Beatles. In fact, they also have an amazing collection that’s dedicated to music.

 Additionally, you can also check the range of stones and natural products at Groovy Goods, which has been curated with great care.

The amazing store

Groovy Goods is easily the most hippie-inspired store in Des Moines, and kudos to the team for maintaining the atmosphere that’s true to the genre. The products are also aptly priced. For the uninitiated, Groovy Goods has been selling golf discs for the longest time, and their products are extremely affordable to say the least. We also loved how they have simplified the shopping process and have included more choices in their collection with every passing year. The staff members are quick to point out what’s new, and you will fall for the fabulous collection of colors in almost every niche.

Check the Groovy Goods website to know more on what they sell in Des Moines.