Italy is synonymous to fashion. No matter whether you are in the country or want to get a few fashion must-haves in closet from Italy, there are enough choices. Below, we have listed down the Italian things that you must have in your closet.


Florence is known for its leather goods, and the good thing is the price range, which is really diverse to say the least. You can look for Italian bags online shop to buy products from Florence. Anything, from a standard shoulder bag to a sling bag, clutch or wallet, is worth investing. Italian leather is known for quality, and if you buy from the right store, you can have a bag that can be passed to the next generation.

Artisan and vintage accessories

While some of the best luxury brands and designers have origins in Italy, you will love some of the vintage and artisan products more. The local stores here have an incredible collection, with jewelry and accessories that probably are singular pieces. If you feel like experimenting a tad more with vintage accessories, check for junk jewelry and fine pieces.

Handmade sandals

Handmade sandals from Amalfi Coast are pretty well known, but you can find a bunch of choices from other cities and online stores, as well. In fact, if you are here in person, you can probably get a pair customized to match your feet and style. There are so many choices in shoes, right from heels to incredibly cheap sandals and flip flops.

Outfits at amazing prices

Don’t have money for Versace and Gucci? Well, you can still buy great clothes from the stores of Italy for almost any budget. Italian fashion is known for being minimalistic and classic at the same time, and we recommend that you check some of the better dresses, which are designed with creative trends in mind. Also, there’s a number of cities that sell amazing hats.

Finally, do include a few Italian makeup products on your list. Some of the best-known makeup brands have products formulated in Italy, so you can always find something worth your stash. Italy is also a great place to buy precious jewelry if you can afford. There are many local and known sellers, who stock earrings, neckpieces and dainty items at really effective prices, and you can be assured of the quality and genuineness. Check online for Italian bags and products now!