Oftentimes, there is no better way to slay an occasion than by accessorising. A daringly gold necklace can bring to life an otherwise plain cut white dress. At the same time, some silver bangles would look amazing with a sleeveless teal blouse.

Although mixing and matching clothes sounds so easy when reading advice from celebrities and fashion enthusiasts, in real life, it can get pretty challenging. However, with these simple tips, your next clothing and jewellery combination will be a fashion statement you own.

  1. Contrast

If you are going to an event that requires neutral, toned down clothes, this is the opportunity to wear a piece that stands out. Using an accessory with contrast gives you a unique flair, without breaking the dress code. On the other hand, if that party you are attending lets you wear flashier outfits, wear smaller and more subtle jewellery to complement your look.

  1. Balance

Knowing how to balance is the key to owning your look. If you choose to wear large dangling or hoop earrings, do not wear a necklace, and vice versa. Wearing two bold pieces in two proximal places will ruin the focus of your look.

  1. Know the occasion

There are many earrings, rings, or necklaces in as much as there are many kinds of occasions. Your job is to know which to wear at the right place and time.

  • Casual occasions. Informal dates, shopping, or other weekend festivities are all casual occasions that require only minimal and light attire. V-neck tees and sweaters will look great with metal-looking accessories, like necklaces, bangles, and stackable rings.
  • Semiformal setting. Accentuate your look in the workplace or office setting and business meetings with simple pendant necklaces, stud earrings, and thin silver bracelets.
  • Formal events. If you are invited to a wedding or other formal event, do not make the mistake of overdressing. Wear a simple dress and accessorise with pearl or diamond jewellery items, which will make you dazzle effortlessly. Claudia Bradby Handmade Jewellery makes unique pearl necklaces that go well with these sorts of events.
  • Parties. Parties usually have relaxed dress codes, so you can go all out. Bring out your chunky bangles and gemstone earrings, and make sure they contrast with your chosen outfit of the night.


  1. Know the story behind your chosen piece

Each piece of jewellery has a story to tell, especially those that are handcrafted. You do not have to know the process behind it or the life story of the one who crafted it, but each piece usually comes with memories. If you are attending a social gathering or an informal meeting, wearing a necklace or a ring that you have a story about is the best way to start a conversation—and secure your companion’s attention on you.

At the end of the day, there are no hard and fast rules for mixing and matching jewellery and outfits. However, with these basic tips in mind, you will have a quick idea of how to start making your own fashion statement.

Image: Pixabay.com