It goes without saying that Brazilians have the most amazing and soft hair, which is not only thick but also equally smooth, compared to generic hair textures, which don’t tend to be all at the same time. Today, you can buy Brazilian hair extensions from various stores, and most of it is synthetic, although you can also find remy or real human hair. Brazilian weaves come in all styles – straight, wavy or extremely curly, so you can try a wide range of hair styles, but maintaining your extensions can be a bit of a problem, because it requires more care and attention that generic wigs and extensions.

Here’s what you need to know.

Caring for Brazilian weaves

If you want Brazilian weave to last longer, consider getting it installed by a professional. Professionals who are experienced with weaves and wigs can assist you in keeping extensions in good condition. With Brazilian weaves, you have to keep the extensions clean at all times, for which you can use any mild shampoo – one that doesn’t take away the natural oils. You also need the best moisturizer for Brazilian weave, which will ensure that the weave remains in the original condition for the longest possible time. While heating items are required, you should avoid using the iron more frequently as it damages both real and fake extensions. Also, use a wrap around the head at night, which will protect the hair from further damage during sleeping.

Finding the right moisturizer

When it comes to selecting a moisturizer for Brazilian weave, you have to check for a few things. First and foremost, ingredients do matter, so check between the label and make sure that it doesn’t contain anything that can damage the hair. Also, experts recommend using an alcohol-free formula that protects the hair. The availability of the product is something you need to check, and since we are talking about haircare products, the brand does matter. Not to forget, the price is always an important factor.

For Brazilian weaves, you need to use products that are easy to use and extremely safe. Proper care of your extensions is the best way to avoid a second investment. Don’t shy away from checking for reviews, which come in handy in comparing products, and there are good comparison sites for the same. You can also choose to experiment with organic products, if available in your local market.