We all know having a tween girl in your life comes with a bunch of challenges. Tween is a word used to describe an age group of children that are in between being a child and a teenager. This can be very challenging for both parents and children. Some parents may look at your little girl and think that they are no longer children but you know they still need you (a lot!! LOL).

During this phase in a child’s life, social changes take place as well as dramatic physical and mental changes. This is where most of them start to develop a true sense of self. It’s puzzling for parents and teachers because one tween’s behavior can change drastically. They can be sweet and gentle, the next thing you know they are acting all moody and angry. This is the time for parents to be extra careful when dealing with tween girls.

You can encourage them to engage in fun activities after school or reward them for their good behavior. Parents understand that tweens are still exploring their own identities. The best thing to do is to find out what they are most interested in. It could be a simple hobby like painting or drawing. In most cases, it’s pretty easy to spot their favorite hobby. How about giving them the best makeup gift ideas? Tween girls get excited about wearing makeup.


You can never go wrong with a fantastic children’s makeup set. This promotes creativity and this is a simple motivation to keep them focused on learning more in school. Tweens will definitely have the best time of their life once you gift them with this children’s makeup set. They love glitters and sparkles as much as unicorns. Their face instantly lights up when they see shiny and sparkly things such as Christmas ornaments. They look forward to Christmas because they see it as the most wonderful time of the year. The most precious tween girl in your life will be really happy to include the best children’s makeup set on their own tween makeup kit. Surprise her with this makeup gift set.

Petite’ n Pretty continues to amaze moms for creating the safest makeup for kids. They worked really hard to produce pediatrician approved, ophthalmology-approved, and dermatologist approved makeup. With their high-quality products, this is indeed the best makeup gift ideas with so many sparkly varieties to choose from. There is a limited-edition gift set with everything a tween can imagine to sparkle like a Snow Queen. This children’s makeup set includes 9021-SNOW! Eye and Cheek Palette, Chill Club Gen Glitter & 10K Shine Duo, Snow Queens 10K Shine Trio, Deck the Palms Gen Glitter Duo, 9021-SNOW!

Brush Set, and the most awaited 9021-SNOW! Beauty Bag. Encourage your tween’s creativity by guiding her to use the brushes to sweep, blend, contour, and shade eyeshadows on her eyelids. She can sweep the blush on the apples of the cheek and use the highlighter on the high points of her face. This is going to work wonders and make her look like a stunning Snow Princess. Now your precious tween will be able to rock these sparkling shades while having fun with this fabulous children’s makeup set. Her tween makeup kit won’t be empty for long. These shades are magnificent and they all smell like cotton candy! Sweetness and fun in the mix are simply the best. They are age appropriate but you as a mom can’t help but want to get your own limited-edition gift set for yourself. Don’t hold back, go ahead and get your own and sparkle with your precious tween. It’s Christmas after all, you deserve to pamper yourself and this is absolutely the best gift makeup kit no matter how old you are.