Banarasi silk sarees are worldwide famous due to their possession of intricate works and designs. The vehement colour palette available in them is another fascinating factor of Banarasi saree collection. Women who love Banarasi also love to buy Bhagalpuri saree online as they also possess intricate weaving.

But today we are going to focus on Banarasi sarees that came into their full life during the Mughal era. In this time, Mughal or Muslim craftsmen and artisans chose Banaras to start their intricate weaving business. They blend their art well with silk Banarasi sarees and formed more variants such as pure silk (Katan), Shattir, Organza (Kora) and Georgette.

Check out the heavy differences between them and jot down the details before heading to online shopping.

  1. Katan

Kind of plain fabric, Katan is woven in pure silk threads which follow the twist and weave technique. Nowadays, they are produced in power looms and rapid looms whereas, in the ancient times, Katan sarees were woven through hands or using handlooms. Just like Bhagalpuri saree online, these sarees also come with beautiful patterns and motifs.

  1. Organza (Kora) Silk

One of the most sophisticated and richly woven sarees is organza silk sarees. These sarees are the most beautiful and richly woven creations where you can witness various patterns and designs that are intricately made with warp and weft technique. In the making of these sarees, the silver threads are exquisitely coated with gold, woven closely around a silk yarn to create a zari brocade saree.

  1. Georgette

This is one of the lightest and finest creations in Banarasi saree collection. These finely woven light fabric sarees showcase simple and plain weave yet intricate designing. Even many renowned designers have also prepared georgette sarees with the amalgamation of silk borders and other types of designs. This type of fabric is crafted out of crepe yarn using S twisted and Z twisted technique. The fabrics are inter-woven with both warp and weft formula. They are now most popular among contemporary women as well.

  1. Shattir

This is another kind of fabric that is now created on the lands of Banaras with many contemporary techniques and modern days’ designs.

Here are some reputed Banarasi silk sarees’ designs:

  1. Jangla

They come with colourful silk threads which possess vehement designs. The sarees showcase intricate Jangala patterns with vegetation motif and scrolls that spread across the length of the saree.

  1. Tanchoi

The tanchoi sarees showcase beautiful ‘Jamawar’ paisleys that is amazingly woven by Zari. These silk sarees add value to your bridal trousseau. These sarees come in colourful weft silk yarns and their borders are beautified with criss-cross patterns.

  1. Cut Work Saree

The cutwork designer sarees are quite affordable and light in weight drapes. You can call them the less expensive version of Jamdani sarees which are quite admired by the Bengali women. Drape a silk Jamdani saree in a high collar party and get oodles of applauds from the peers.