Yes, we offer Buyer Protection!

  1. If you are not satisfied with an item - You may return any item for a full refund within 30 days of delivery for any reason.
  2. If you have not received an item - If an order is not confirmed to be delivered to the address provided through a valid tracking number, we will ask you to confirm receipt. The confirmation request will be sent 60 days from the date of shipment, and you will have 3 days to respond to it.
    If you indicate you have not received the item, we will process a full refund. 
  •  All returned items must be shipped back to the seller with a valid tracking number.
  • After requesting to return an item, if return is required, a valid return tracking number must be entered on the My Orders page within 7 days of requesting return to be eligible for refund. 
  • After requesting to return an item, if a return shipping label has been provided, it must be printed and accepted by the carrier within 7 days of requesting return to be eligible for refund.
  • When provided, return shipping labels will be issued electronically. If you do not use a provided return shipping label, you the buyer assume the cost of return shipping. If you do not have access to a printer, we recommend visiting a local public library to print the return label, as most offer free or low-cost printing.​
  • Refunds will be processed to the original payment method.
  • We apologize but the platform does not support the replacement or reshipment of damaged items or incomplete orders, items which have been returned to the seller with valid tracking, or reshipment of items which have not been confirmed through tracking as delivered.  If a replacement is preferred, you have the option to repurchase the item after a refund has been processed.
  • Buyer Protection does not cover transactions that take place outside of the platform.
  • All items must be returned to the return address on the return request confirmation email with a valid tracking number to qualify for refund. We cannot be responsible for items that are shipped to our offices or returned with no identifying information. All items must be returned to the original seller's return address as indicated on the provided return shipping label or in your return request confirmation email.