Universal Shoelace (LIMITED 2 PER CUSTOMER)

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Universal Shoelace (LIMITED 2 PER CUSTOMER)

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Shoelace Unique Make any shoe look & feel better

Tieless Laces are made with an elastic memory fit material that conforms to your feet providing comfort and support. Our Laces are the best compliment for sports shoes and leisure footwear.




 No-tie laces are perfect solution whether you are an athlete that practices high impact sports, anyone who wants to end untied shoelaces, or simply can't or don't like tying shoelaces.




  Unique material makes them durable in different conditions and water resistant.


 Better Footwear Experience

We've found this generally comes down to 3 things. How do your shoes fit? How do they look? How do you put them on everyday? The Lacing System is an upgrade from traditional laces, those old-world strings. It improves the Fit, Aesthetics, and Usability of wearing shoes for everyone. It's a new era of laces, designed to keep you moving. So no matter how you run, walk, dance or play through your day, you can do it more freely, more comfortably, and more beautifully.




Universal Fit, Perfect for Everyone

One-size fits all by design. Use in any shoe, any brand, and any model, as long as it has eyelets.






 How It Works

1) Find a Lacing Style that fits you best. 2) Thread one strap per pair of eyelets. 3) Bring the 2 ends together. 4) Insert threading tip into channel behind clasp. 5) Secure the loop around the clasp.



What makes your product special?

The Lacing System is the only alternative shoe lacing system that is modular by design and allows customization to every individual foot and shoe. Seven different lacing techniques can be combined to make the perfect option for virtually any pair of shoes.


What has been the best part of your startup experience?

We have watched how our product, Lacing System, has changed the way people wear their shoes. What we did not know was how it would free people of different abilities from tying their shoelaces and what a difference that could make in their lives.



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