It is a rather thrilling experience to set up your baby’s nursery, apart from watching the baby bump grow, this is one of the real things that you can do as parents of your little bundle of joy. There’s no doubt about the fact that you will want to make the nursery in the best way as per your affordability. But what are the things that you should include and exclude keeping in mind the comfort and safety of your kid? Something that you would never want is to build a nursery which is budget-crashing.

As your baby will spend the most part of the day in his nursery, that will be the room which you would have to put the best things in to keep him engaged. If you’re watching out for the best nursery furniture Australia, you have to shop around and compare rates to be able to choose the best one.

Few nursery furniture essentials to know before buying

  • Crib Mattress

As long as crib mattresses are concerned, opt for the lightest and the firmest ones and this implies a one made of foam. Foam mattresses are easier to deal with and you can easily change sheets at the middle of the night. As babies usually pee, poop in their cribs, it is better to choose a triple-laminated vinyl cover which comes in handy. This will ensure that the mattresses are protected even during an accident. If you wish to get organic mattresses, they should have a Greenguard certification.

  • Buying a crib

Getting the most expensive furniture will not always mean getting the best ones. You will also find baby furniture at different baby stores and it is also a smart idea to buy furniture from them. Make sure that the cribs that you buy are compliant with the federal safety standards. Cost is not the only assessing factor as there are several low-priced cribs which are more popular among parents. What you buy will depend on exactly how much you choose to spend.

  • Cradle/bassinet/co-sleeper

If you can swing them constantly, they are definitely a good option. If you can let your baby sleep in the same room along with you in a different cradle, this will help them establish the habit of breastfeeding and reduce risk of SIDS. If you opt for a bassinet, going with a simple design would be fine as your baby will soon outgrow the size of the bassinet and then it will lie useless. For a cradle, the mattress should be tight-fitting and no soft-bedding should be allowed.

  • Monitor

Audio and video monitors can foster peace of mind but at the same time interference in the form of wi-fi routers or cell towers can be a big issue within the nursery. If you often go out of your home and you wish to monitor your baby, this is a good way out.

So, are you intrigued by the different ways in which you can set up a nursery for your kid? If answered yes, then start buying the above listed products.