With a lot of materials and styles to pick from, choosing piercing jewelry can be as challenging as choosing a tattoo design, although you can change and swap jewelry. When choosing nose or cheek piercing jewelry, consider your comfort and style. Fortunately, the majority of piercings are interchangeable, thus, can experiment with various pieces until you pick the most comfortable one for you.

Where to Begin with your Search

This depends on whether your piercing is new or an existing one. Avoid removing any jewelry from a piercing before complete healing. Make sure you follow best practices for piercing aftercare and leave the first piece of jewelry in your piercing. In case you find it uncomfortable to remove your jewelry once the piercing has healed, visit your piercer for advice.

Decide on which Piece to Wear

While you may have to seek out help to replace your jewelry, the style and type of jewelry to wear depend on you. Do your homework to learn about various styles of jewelry for your piercing online.

Be Familiar with Piercing Terminology and Jewelry

It is important to understand the language to articulate your thoughts and find the piece of jewelry you want. This will make you comfortable and confident in making buying decisions. You need to learn the basic kinds of jewelry and be able to identify the difference between plugs, bead rings, and barbells.

Pick the Right Jewelry

Most commercially-available jewelry can be used with the majority of piercings. But, you need to use jewelry for the piercing it’s meant for. Keep in mind that a number of piercings are only compatible with a respective piercing, often because of the shape or size. Make sure to double check the size before making your purchase.

Wear Simple Jewelry for a Fresh Piercing

A barbell or stud will work for a fresh piercing and it can be replaced with something more complex later. It is fine to limit yourself to simple jewelry since you can still choose from many options without worrying about possible effects on your piercing.

Choosing your Jewelry Materials

In terms of choosing new piercing jewelry, the material is an important consideration. For a lot of piercers, it is safe to use titanium piercing jewelry due to its strength, hypoallergenic properties, and aesthetic appearance. Also, the kind of material to pick for your piercing depends on when you go the piercing. Thus, fresh piercing needs titanium to ensure the body does not react to the metal, reject it, and lead to piercing complications.