If you are looking to buy a prom dress, you need to realize every prom dress look differently on various body types. Indeed, prom dresses are based on figures. A lot of girls choose a dress which flatters their figure and short girls usually choose the empire waist.

Shorter girls should avoid dresses that have full skirts; however, those who like to wear one must even it out with a fitted and tight number. To help you ensure the success of your prom, consider the tips below:

Choose the Right Prom Dress

Backless dresses that have spaghetti straps are a great option for those with a petite frame. Keep in mind that having shorter legs allows you to pull off mini dresses and heels. Indeed, any skirt goes such as a tulle or pick-up.

In case you really love to wear a floor-length prom dress, choose one that tends to hug your figure. Also, avoid poufy ball gowns that have reams of fabric.For the best effect, you want to choose a dress that sits below or above the knee.You must start shopping for a prom dress early so you can explore as many options as possible and make the perfect pick.

Consider the Accessories and Makeup

As a shorter girl, perhaps you have been depending on cheap prom shoes and heels to look taller and your prom night should not be an exception. But apart from your shoes, your dress can also do something with your height. Make sure you choose a patterned dress instead of choosing a pattern on just a small portion of the dress. You can choose stylish booties for your prom which flow from your dress to look taller and show off your legs. However, remember that shorter dresses which show off your shoes don’t go well with shoes that are ankle strapped. It is then usually best to choose high heels.When it comes to accessories, you want to go for those that match your dress. Consider adding items such as dangly earrings for more subtle touch to your outfit.

Finally, make sure you hire professionals to do your makeup and hair. Consider piling our hair up on top of your head or getting soft curls. Your hairstyle depends on your style and taste but your hairstylist should suggest what suits you. This also goes for your makeup as your makeup artist should give you a lovely look that enhances the elegance of your dress.